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CP11A IRS Notice


Why you received the notice.
The IRS notice you will receive if you owe money to the IRS. This is the initial notice that is sent to you if any changes are made to your tax return which results in you owing taxes. When a taxpayer has changes made to their tax return and it affects their Earned Income Tax Credit, the IRS categorizes it as CP 11.
What action should I take?
When you receive a CP 11 IRS Notice from the IRS make sure to read over the notice slowly and carefully, to make sure you understand why you received it. The IRS will let you know what changes were made to your tax return which resulted in you having a tax liability. You should then contact the IRS or try paying the money that is owed to them. The IRS will provide you with an envelope with which to mail a check to them. When mailing anything to the IRS, make sure to keep a record of it, and send it by certified mail so you can prove you sent it.
When Should I Contact the IRS?
The IRS gives you 60 days from the date on the notice to respond to them if you disagree with the notice, or need help making a payment arrangement. It is advisable to take action py paying the debt, or contacting the IRS as soon as you receive the notice, the longer you wait, the more risk you have of something bad happening, and less time to react correctly.
What do I do if I disagree with the Notice?
The IRS has a special toll free number on the top of your CP 11 IRS Notice which you can call, or you can write to them within 60 days of the date on the notice. To reverse any decisions or calculations made by the IRS on your tax return, you must provide the documents and additional information that substantiates your claim.
Once the IRS receives your letter with proof of a mistake, they will forward your case to be audited, where you have rights as a taxpayer to formerly appeal their decision. The Audit department will contact you within 5-6 weeks to go over the audit procedure, and your rights as a taxpayer to appeal.
If you fail to respond, or contact the IRS within 60 days you will lose all rights to a reversal, or appeal, and the tax debt must be paid.
What do I do if I cannot pay the amount in full?
Contact the IRS right away, and they can assist you with a payment plan, or other payment options.
Will I be charged interest on the tax liability?
The IRS will only start charging you interest if you fail to pay before the date on the payment coupon. Interest will be charged on any remaining balance after that date.
Getting Help with my CP 11 IRS Notice
Tax works with experienced and knowledgeable tax attorneys, CPA’s, Enrolled Agents, and tax specialist, who deal with taxpayers CP 11 IRS Notice’s on a daily basis, and can help you resolve your tax problem. Our tax professionals have proven and successful track records at responding, and resolving IRS tax liabilities that come from a CP 11 IRS Notice. To speak with a tax specialist regarding the CP 11 IRS Notice you received, and what your legal tax relief options are, contact us online, or call us at 888-241-0002 for a free tax consultation.
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